Limousine Miami Prices:

Limousine Miami has the most affordable party bus and limousine rates in all of Florida. When you order a limo or party bus from us, you get the most and very best for your money. This is because we do not offer flat rates. We believe that each and every party is a unique experience and so is each and every party bus! Our packages are as unique and special as your event, and we offer the prices to match. We base these prices on a few different factors.

What bus would you like? Which is proportional to the amount of people you have attending.
What date your special event is on? Events that happen on Fridays and Saturdays, and during the summer months tend to create high demand due to proms and weddings. Prices on those days would be higher.
What Time and Where will you be picked up? Locations that are more than 50 miles out may result in us having to issue an additional fuel surcharge.
How long will you need the bus for? You pay by the hour for our vehicles so to get a complete estimate it helps to know just how long you'll need our services for.

All these factors come together so that we can give you the most competitive price in the state, we guarantee that you will not be able to find a better deal than what we offer.