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We are the leading company for limousine & party bus rentals in Miami and the surrounding areas. Our luxury vehicles, premium amenities and professional chauffeurs make us the prefered limo company in the area.

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About Limousine Miami

We bring a lot to the table as a company. You'll enjoy exemplary customer service and unforgettable limousines & party buses to accompany you. We often help people with the transportation for the biggest days in their lives. Our unparalleled experience is all due to our philosophy in finding the very best people in the world to work for you. With the highest-quality limo rentals, charter and shuttle services, and car services in Miami, you can experience the best in transportation around Florida.

When we first began our adventure, we decided upon a "ground up" approach to building our team. This included a company-wide directive to hire folks who are dedicated to one thing - you! You'll be able to read more about that below but, it is so important to us. We wanted to highlight it here first. Each and every member of our team is solely dedicated to your satisfaction. And, not simply on the day of your event. Our job begins the very moment we pick up the phone and greet you.

Our knowledgeable team

As a company we find it to be very important to bring in team that not only does a great job but wants to do a stellar job. From the very second you speak with our expert staff you will be greeted with enthusiasm. Our enthusiastic team is both fun and knowledgeable. We are confident in being able to answer any question that you might throw our way. Let us know what you want, and our skilled team will do their absolute best to give it to you!

Our gorgeous vehicles

Every single one of our vehicles is made to be the very best in the business. We inspect each and every one of our vehicles before and after every use so you can be absolutely sure that they're in tip top shape. We also make sure that each and every one of our vehicles redefines what you think is posh and luxurious. Every single vehicle in our Miami limo and party bus fleet comes standard, equipped with many top of the line technology and gadgets, as well as the best in the elegant luxuries you would expect. We are second to none when it comes to limo and party bus companies and we owe it or combination of staff, vehicles, and chauffeurs.

Our trusted chauffeurs

We like to tell people that the best vehicles are driven by the best individuals. Our trusted chauffeurs are all drug screened, and get their driving records and backgrounds checked. In their hands you will be safe and secure from start to finish. All you need to do is inform them of where you'd like to head and they will get there as with the utmost safety and efficiency. Unsure of where you'd like to head? Don't fret! Our team of professional chauffeurs know the city layout better than the most astute taxi driver. They are happy to make recommendations where possible and, to drive you to all of the hottest spots in the city! They are ready and willing to be the best designated driver you've ever seen.

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Limousine Miami

We offer luxurious and elegant limousine and party bus services in Miami, Florida.

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