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We offer the most competitive rates for a high-quality limousine service in Miami, Florida.

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When you consider the level of quality we deliver, we think you will find that Limousine Miami has the most affordable party bus and limousine rates in all of Florida. When you rent a Miami limo or party bus from us, you will receive the the most value and very best quality for your money. One of the primary reasons for this, is because we do not offer flat rates throughout the season. It is our philosophy in believing that each and every party is a unique experience. So we seek to provide a party bus adventure that is one of a kind! Our packages are as unique and special as your event, and we offer the prices to match. We base these prices on a few different factors. Also, get the most affordable Miami car services and excellent prices for more transportation services.

What bus would you like?

A factor related directly to the amount of people you have attending. We have legal limitations on how many people we can fit inside each vehicle. So we will need to ensure that you are correctly assigned a vehicle perfect for your party.

What date your special event is on?

Events that happen on Fridays and Saturdays, and during the summer months tend to create high demand due to proms, weddings and the general popularity of the days involved. Prices on those days would be higher because of these factors. We will still do our best to ensure you get the best rate we can deliver.

Where will you be picked up, and at what time?

Locations that are more than 50 miles out may result in us having to issue an additional fuel surcharge. And, sometimes we can save you a little money for events that are earlier in the day. However, our service is available in any city in Florida, including our St Augustine party buses.

How long will you need the bus for?

You pay by the hour for our vehicles. In order for us to provide you a completely accurate estimate, we need to know how much time you will require our services for.

When you add everything together, you will find that we will deliver some of the most competitive prices in the state of Florida! When you consider our exceptional level of quality and customer care, the value goes even higher! Experience the best... Give us a call today!

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We offer luxurious and elegant limousine and party bus services in Miami, Florida.

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